“Every time I leave a face-to-face meeting or get off a call with Michelle, I feel like I’ve just enjoyed a breath of fresh air.  Her ideas, attitude, work ethic, knowledge, and experience combine in just the right way to give me what I need, when I need it. I have been a speaker for over ten years.  Had I met Michelle at year one, I’d be light years ahead.  I am so grateful for her ideas, well-timed jabs, quiet nudges, and coaching over the last four years.  The world is better with Michelle Joyce in it, and I’m better off knowing and working with her.”

Chris Cummins
Professional Speaker

“Michelle has been an invaluable resource for my speaking and writing career. No one on the planet has as much insight into building a successful speaking platform. At the same time, her approach to personal branding, PR, and marketing has been irreplaceable for my media and speaking career. If you’re ready to make things happen, and ready to take your game to an entirely different level, Michelle is the person who can lead you to the promise land!”

Wes Moss
Professional Speaker/Author/Radio Host

“Michelle is high on my referral list for someone who exceeds expectations with my clients. As a business consultant and speaking coach, she provides an edge that I am convinced my clients do not get elsewhere. If you want to succeed at the speaking game, you need to work with Michelle. Best investment ever.”

Cheryl Leone
Law Firm Coach / Author / CEO of Catalyst Group, Inc.

“My ears and fingers always hurt a little bit after a conversation with Michelle Joyce. Every time she generously spends a few minutes to share an idea, pass along a tip, or offer her insight, my ears strain just a little bit more and I listen a little bit harder, so that I don’t miss a word. My fingers grip my pen a little tighter and I write a little faster to scribble down as many details as possible during our conversations. There’s gold in her words and I don’t want to miss a syllable for fear of losing a fortune!”

Don “The Idea Guy” Snyder
Professional Speaker / Author / Idea Generator

“Michelle’s value extends far beyond booking speakers for seminars. Her insight, coaching, feedback, and real-world advice is both invaluable and irreplaceable. Michelle has the unique talent of helping speakers to “fast-forward” their learning curve and growth by imparting “aha moments” and best-practices. There are only two types of speakers in the world…those who have worked with Michelle, and those who should.”

Noah Rickun
Professional Speaker

“Michelle has mastered the skill of coaching individuals into the best speakers they can be. Her willingness to help others succeed in this tough profession makes her a person you want to work with. If you need a speaking coach, or advice on how to run a great seminar, give Michelle a call. She will NOT disappoint.

Stephanie Melish
Professional Speaker / Double-Tall, Non-Fat, No-Whip Sales Barista

“Michelle is the absolute best at what she does and truly understands the art of communication. She taught me how to effectively engage my prospects, be confident, bold, and have more fun. I would encourage you to hire Michelle as your personal coach if you want to be better and take your business and career to the highest level.”

Nicholas Slahta
Client Advocate and Employee Benefits Consultant

“My session with Michelle Joyce really jumpstarted my speaking and writing business! She opened my eyes to all the components for real success in this field. Here’s your chance to use her ideas to build your business from the ground up!”

Mary Cantando
Professional Speaker/Author/Columnist

“What I value most about hiring Michelle was that she was fully present and engaged during our day together. The preparation work she did in advance of my visit was a high quality product. She invested in absorbing ME – which was likely a major chore – and I knew she wanted great results. Michelle’s intuition is very valuable and she knows her stuff!”

Mike Whitaker
Founder of Idea Gateway / Speaker / Entrepreneur

“Michelle helped me so much when I first entered the world of professional speaking. I highly value her insights and wisdom!”

Rebecca Nagy
Speaker / Minister / Spiritual Leader