Organizations today operate in highly-competitive environments, making creativity imperative for success. Creativity is more than art, it’s a skill that fuels big ideas, challenges employee’s way of thinking, and opens the door to new business opportunities. Creativity Keynote Speaker Scott Shellstrom knows this all too well. Scott’s skills have placed him on some of New York City’s most prominent improv comedy stages, and his paintings on some of the most prestigious gallery walls. His presentations unite and excited audiences as they collaborate and support one another using proven techniques of improvisational theater.

Today, we are excited to introduce you to Scott’s newest presentation, Breakthrough Brainstorming: Fun, Fast Strategies to Unleash Your Brilliance.

Effective brainstorming leads to idea generation and multiple solutions required to thrive in today’s constantly-changing business environment. There’s more to effective brainstorming than simply throwing out ideas in a group setting. In fact, research shows this traditional method hinders and prevents the best ideas from surfacing. Attendees of Scott’s program will overcome this challenge by employing the skills of improv that forward-thinking companies have incorporated into their organizations to spark innovative dialogue, break down barriers, and ignite creative solutions.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify specific strategies for brainstorming success
  • Unite and excite your team through powerful, proven techniques of improvisational theater
  • Breakthrough barriers such as unconscious bias and mindset to maximize outcomes

Scott Shellstrom inspires, motivates, and challenges audiences to not only think outside the box but rediscover their own ability for creativity and innovation, while teaching how to prosper from perspective. To bring Scott to your upcoming meeting or event, contact Michelle Joyce. Tune in every Friday for additional featured speakers!

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