In today’s marketplace, one thing is certain to ensure the success and growth of your business:   

You need to understand your customers.  

It’s a simple and complex strategy all at the same time. Simply put, businesses should put their focus on the customer – identifying their best customers; creating an effective customer journey; delivering a memorable customer experience; and staying top of mind.  This means creating a customer-centric plan that will accelerate and sustain business growth.  

The complex part? It’s about more than just good customer service (although that is important too).  

What is customer-centricity? It’s a combination of several things and how those things flow within your organization. Customer-centricity demands that the consumer be at the focal point of all the business decisions. Understanding and applying these values is how you will build a concrete business with customers who return again and again.  

  1. Support customer-focused leadership. This means providing your leadership and staff with the tools and knowledge to build relationships, place the focus on the consumer, and allow for authentic feedback and communication.
  1. Understand your customers. Who is buying your product? What demographic is supporting your business? How do they make buying decisions? How are they evolving?
  1. Empower your employees. The focus shouldn’t just be on executive leadership but on the face of your organization, be that the marketing department, the sales team, or your customer service representatives.
  1. Pay attention to metrics. Technology allows us to have an incredible understanding of how consumers operate. How much time do they spend shopping? When will they return? Which sales strategies are successful, and which are not? The data is there if you are willing to capture and use it.
  1. Design the experience. Both online and in-person shopping is all about the experience – and your company controls that experience. Are you in the driver seat on this or are you leaving it up to fate?


So, as you can see, the concept is simple and timeless – but how to get there is an intricate and careful process. And this is why and when you bring in the experts. Experts who understand the role that technology plays in a growing business. Experts who love to tell stories and explain data. Experts who slow down and build authentic connection and who listen to the customer.  

Here are three customer-focused programs designed to change the way we understand our consumers and build our business: 

As an award-winning CEO, Shama Hyder knows business. Shama is a visionary strategist for the Digital Age and has a unique understanding of what sets a successful business apart in today’s marketplace.   

Engage your attendees in Shama’s most popular keynote: The Future of Business: Understanding Trends Today That Will Help You Win Tomorrow. In this program, leaders will better understand how the future of business is evolving, how to sell to today’s customer, and learn how technology has changed the landscape of business entirely.  

Read the full program description 

Jay Baer is a Hall of Fame keynote speaker and best-selling author of six books whose focus is on business growth through customer experience and marketing innovation. As the founder of five multi-million-dollar companies, when Jay speaks – folks listen.  

Jay’s newest keynote, based on propriety research, is called The Time to Win: Grow Your Business by Satisfying Customer’s Need for Speed. In this fascinating program, Jay explains why speed is the element businesses can’t afford to skimp on. Understand in detail the connection between responsiveness and revenue — and the research that backs it.  

Read the full program description at    

Not only does Alan Stein, Jr. know business, he knows competition!  As a former performance coach who worked with the world’s highest-performing basketball players, Alan brings incredible knowledge and experience to the stage.  

Alan’s keynote, Raise Your Sales: Increase Sales Performance with the Mindsets, Habits, and Focus of World Class Performers, will teach attendees to listen authentically to their customer, develop deeper relationships with every client, and learn to care more about the individual than the sale – resulting in richer problem-solving, higher sales, and better business.  

Read the full program description at 

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