Brian Fanzo is a pager-wearing millennial, translator of geek-speak, podcast host, and keynote speaker who is shifting generational perspectives on marketing, social media, innovation, embracing change, and digital empathy. Fanzo inspires, motivates, and educates businesses on how to leverage emerging technologies and digital marketing – to stand out from the noise and engage with customers of all ages.

In addition to delivering keynote programs, Fanzo is an emcee and event host. Moderating panels is something Fanzo has a true passion for. After hosting The Social Shake-Up in Atlanta, GA, Fanzo shared his article, How to Earn Trust as a Host or Moderator. He says, “The key to being the best moderator or host you can be is to earn the trust of both the panelists and the audience. Without trust, there is no relationship, and without a relationship, it’s hard to keep people’s attention and drive home a point.” 

In this article, Fanzo shares tips on how to be the best host, moderator, and interviewer based off of his personal experience. Make sure you check on his FOMOFanz podcast episode, How to Make Panels and Interviews Not Suck! linked at the bottom of the article as well.

The job of an event host is to make the panelists look good, ensure they share what they hope to share, and link that to what the audience wants. Brian Fanzo does exactly that.

To learn more about his programs and to book Brian for your next event, contact us HERE!



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