Cara Brookins is best known as “the mom who built her own house using YouTube tutorials” and now motivates audiences to set big goals, throw away backup plans, and build the best version of themselves. Her remarkable story is inspiring audiences around the globe.

Cara is a keynote speaker, bestselling author, and despite her lack of construction experience, she and her four children successfully built a 3,500 square foot house by watching YouTube videos on how to do foundation work, install plumbing, and run gas lines. Cara’s book, Rise: How a House Built a Family, tells the story of building their home – and launched her career as a professional speaker and media personality. Rise has been optioned as a Hollywood feature film.

Cara’s programs inspire and motivate audiences to take giant steps to achieve their biggest dreams.

Her compelling story motivates audiences to take the leap towards their challenges, and maintain positive momentum through disappointments, until they reach success. Cara’s message stresses the importance of building a better life and career. She proves that reaching your highest potential isn’t just about how hard you work, but about adjusting your mindset and strategy to take full advantage of the hours you’re putting in. Your vision, mindset, and focus become the building blocks for your success.

Cara’s Inside Edition interview sheds some light on her story:

As Cara says, “Sometimes it takes a radical move to change your trajectory. A big crazy idea to shift your momentum toward a better life.”

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