Keynote Speaker on Creativity

Every Wednesday, our keynote speaker and creativity enthusiast, Scott Shellstrom shares a “What is it Wednesday” post on his Facebook page. Like Scott’s keynote program, Unleash Your Inner Da Vinci, his Wednesday posts encourage followers to look at things differently, think more creatively, and always look for new possibilities.

Creativity is the most important commodity for the success in business today, and a unique solution to problem solving. Scott combines his experiences, stories, improv comedy techniques, and art to motivate audiences to uncover their hidden problem-solving abilities and rediscover their own ability for creativity and innovation. Scott’s presentations will unite and excite your team as they collaborate and support one another using proven techniques of improvisational theater. He ignites productivity and inspires unique solutions to everyday challenges.

We are bringing one of Scott’s images to you this week as part of our Friday Featured Speaker. Comment below with your best guess on what this image might be, and we’ll announce the answer [and winner] on the Michelle Joyce Facebook page on Monday, March 19th. 

Scott’s content and delivery are different than any other presentation you’ve attended. Bring his refreshing and inspiring approach to your next meeting our event by contacting Michelle Joyce today.


Friday Featured Speaker: Melissa Agnes

Crises are inevitable, and lack of preparation almost always makes the outcome much worse. An effective response starts long before a crisis or catastrophe takes place— this is what we call being “crisis ready.” Crisis Management Strategist and Keynote Speaker, Melissa Agnes helps organizations around the world build invincible brands.

In her article, The 5 Phases of Becoming Crisis Ready, Melissa shares, “Becoming crisis ready is a process. It’s not something that just happens overnight. Fortunately, there’s a method to this process that can take any organization, of any size, type, and industry, from their current level of crisis readiness, straight through to building an invincible brand— which, as you know, is the ultimate benefit of being crisis ready.” She outlines and describes five distinct phases that further the mindset and skillset required to building a crisis ready culture and invincible brand.

Melissa works with organizations on how to create cultures of team members who know how to identify and effectively respond to crises in a way that increases trust, credibility, and brand loyalty.  To learn more about Melissa, or to bring her to your next meeting, contact Michelle Joyce. Stay tuned every Friday for additional featured speakers! 

Friday Featured Speaker: Colette Carlson

There’s a saying, “To earn respect, you must show respect.” How true. Ask most people in an organization how they want to be treated, and “respected” will most likely be the most common response. Demonstrating respect is a behavior learned in life. Respecting those you work with, work for, or have a personal relationship with begins with self-respect. How much respect do you have for yourself?

In her article, 5 Ways Leaders Show RespectKeynote Speaker Colette Carlson describes five ways to show respect, regardless of your title or role in someone’s life.


Connection is the glue that keeps relationships, projects, and organizations together. Advance your communication style, earn respect, and increase your credibility by bringing Colette to your next meeting or event. Stay tuned every Friday for more featured speakers!  


Friday Featured Speaker: Steve Gutzler

Being a leader is one of the most difficult and rewarding positions in the world. Character building in business, and knowing which traits effective leaders should possess, is vital for the success of your team.

Character is more than intelligence, integrity, ethics, and self-awareness. As Steve Gutzler said, “There is no substitute for character. Anytime you desire to build a team, you have to begin by building and reinforcing character in individuals.” In his article, Twelve Covenants for Healthy, High-Functioning TeamsSteve outlines twelve covenants for healthy, high-functioning teams.  By focusing on these twelve covenants, you and your team can begin to understand, practice, and internalize the behaviors that build character.

Strong leadership can help an organization maximize productivity and achieve business goals. Steve Gutzler’s programs grow leaders on every level by teaching actionable ways to operate at your full potential, with remarkable impact. Bring Steve to your next meeting or event— contact Michelle Joyce for more information today!


Friday Featured Speaker: Melissa Agnes

Crisis Management Strategist, Melissa Agnes joined Shel Holtz on his widely recognized PR Podcast, For Immediate Release (FIR), to discuss how two companies deftly handled surprise issues and the importance of internal communication in times of crises. Melissa’s conversation with Holtz begins roughly at the 6-minute mark and we are thrilled to share their conversation with you!

It is imperative that your brand is prepared for the unexpected— we call this being #CrisisReady. Melissa arms organizations around the globe with strategies to proactively and successfully respond to and manage situations that may jeopardize their brand. Take the first step to building an invincible brand and learn more about Melissa’s programs.

Friday Featured Speaker: Interview with Jay Baer

Jay Baer is a renowned business strategist, a New York Times best-selling author of five books, and the world’s most retweeted person among digital marketers. We are thrilled to announce that Jay will be releasing his new book, Talk Triggers in October 2018. Jay’s programs help organizations around the world rethink their approach to marketing and customer experience, helping them gain more customers and keep those they’ve already earned. All of Jay’s programs are customized and include relevant and targeted examples, oftentimes from people right in the room!

Talking with Jay is always fun and here is what he shared with us:

What’s the most common marketing mistake companies make?
Jay: Every marketer in the history of the world tells themselves the same lie, and when doing so, makes the same mistake. The lie they tell themselves is “my customers are just too busy.” They believe customers are too busy to read the blog, watch the video, sit through the demo, or interact with the Instagram post. This is completely untrue. It’s not about busy. Are people busier now, or when there was no microwave, ATM, or Uber? We are less busy than ever. What’s changed is that there is more competition for attention. So when customer says they are “too busy” to interact with the company, that’s a euphemism. What they really mean, but rarely say, is that what you have put in front of them is simply not RELEVANT enough. If you give a customer or prospect the information she needs, in the format she prefers, at the moment when it’s convenient, the time needed to consumer and interact with that information will magically appear. Relevancy is the killer app, and relevant marketing creates attention.

What are the critical steps to retaining customers and providing an exceptional customer experience?

Jay: Customer experience is how we make our customers feel about us. Done well, customer experience creates new customers for free, as remarkable customer experiences (I call these Talk Triggers ) compel word of mouth. The best ways to create Talk Triggers are to observe how customers really use your products and services, and then find ways to consistently deliver something that’s differentiated. For example, there are many car rental services, yet only one has a Talk Trigger: Enterprise, because they’ll pick you up.

In the market to hire an amazing speaker for your 2018 meeting or event? We’d love to work with you! Bring Jay to your upcoming event by contacting Michelle Joyce today. Don’t forget to tune in every Friday for additional featured speakers!

How Invincible is Your Brand?

Ulta Beauty was recently accused by former employees of cleaning and reselling used makeup. Other employees have since negated the allegations and Ulta Beauty addressed the issue head on. The big question is, what effect do these types of allegations have on the brand, and how will it affect consumers?

Melissa Agnes helps organizations around the globe build an invincible brand, communicate effectively, and improve organizational culture. In her article, When Doubt is Planted, Your Brand Becomes Vulnerable, Melissa explains what your organization should take away from the allegations against Ulta Beauty and why you must transform any vulnerabilities into strengths. Building an invincible brand is exactly how you achieve that.

Is your brand invincible from top to bottom? What scenarios could put your organization at risk of consumer doubt? Prepare for the unthinkable by being crisis ready™— Melissa Agnes can help!

Friday Featured Speaker: Colette Carlson

Are you one of the millions of American who’s “married” to your job, taking only a few days off every year because of your many important responsibilities? Vacations are not always a luxury; they are often a necessity for a well-balanced, healthy lifestyle. Whether you feel like you can afford time off the grid or not, the reality is, you need to.

Colette Carlson booked a three-week adventure in Cambodia and Vietnam this winter and she reaped many rewards by getting away. In her article, 7 Lessons Learned by Going Off the Grid, Colette shares seven lessons she learned during her trip to stay more connected, creative, productive, happy, and healthy in everyday life.

Make yourself and your family a priority by taking some time off this year; you will likely return feeling refreshed, more productive, and have a renewed perspective. There is no “perfect time” to travel and your computer and emails will be waiting when you return— Start planning now!


To bring Colette to your upcoming meeting or event, please contact Michelle Joyce. We look forward to working with you! 

Five Ways to Invest Your Time Wisely

The start of a new year is a great time to take the bull by the horns when it comes to your goals and aspirations for how you want to elevate your life. Are you aiming to be more organized at work? Are you looking to start a healthier lifestyle that includes eating right and working out? Are you trying to be more of an influential leader for those around you? Regardless of what you want to accomplish at work and in your personal life, you can start working towards your goals today.

Leadership expert, Steve Gutzler said, “What you invest your time in will define who you are, your leadership experience, and how others view you.” His recent blog post, The Five Most Important Investments for Your Time in 2018, describes five ways to be intentional with where you invest your time.

Friday Featured Speaker: Melissa Agnes

Our international crisis management keynote speaker, Melissa Agnes helps today’s organizations understand the realities that loom when crisis strikes. Her customized presentations provide tools and strategies that create a proactive, cohesive, and crisis-ready corporate culture.

Crisis management is an important and necessary topic that applies to every organization. In fact, sometimes leaders don’t realize the need for it until it’s too late. We asked Melissa what the benefits and advantages of having a crisis-ready culture, and here is what she said:

The whole point of implementing a crisis-ready™ corporate culture is to enable and empower your entire team to instinctively know the right course of action to take in a negative situation, be it an issue or a potential or breaking crisis. Crises unravel far too quickly these days, and stakeholder expectations continue to heighten, which means that we can no longer solely rely on a document (plan) that was written months— or worse, years— ago. The goal needs to be to empower your entire team to be able to detect potential issues in real-time and to intrinsically know what is expected of them, by both internal and external stakeholders, in order to make the right decisions when time is of the essence.” 

Melissa’s programs are about more than crisis management strategy; they are about effective communication, leadership, organizational culture, customer expectations, and how social media has changed communication forever. Every organization needs to become #CrisisReadycontact Michelle Joyce to learn how we can bring Melissa’s information to your organization.

Michelle Joyce manages some of the country’s best speakers and has a passion for connecting the right presenter to the right audience. As a speaker coach and consultant, her programs help individuals create stronger, more attractive brands; develop relevant seminar content and stories; polish their presentation skills; and generate more awareness for their products and services. You can reach her directly at or email michelle(at)