Can Human Connection Be Automated?

What is artificial intelligence? Simply put, artificial intelligence (AI) is a computer or machine’s ability to perform tasks that imitate human intelligence. From Siri to cars that can parallel park themselves, AI seems to be progressing quickly. The big question is, are we losing sight of the importance and need for human interaction?

Human behavior expert, Colette Carlson, stated, “I see evidence of this level of technology leading to the increased need for soft skills — the capacity for creativity, empathy, compassion, and paying attention to others.” In her article, Will AI (Artificial Intelligence) Ever REALLY Replace Us?, Colette describes three examples where face-to-face interaction overpowers AI. Even in our technological -advancing society, we must re-discover the human soul and remember there will always be a need for human interaction.

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Friday Featured Speaker: Jay Baer

While scrolling through your Facebook feed, how often do you see posts from your “friends” complaining about a recent customer service experience? I can recall two posts this week where someone described their unfavorable experience and tagged the company.

Customers interactions with your company are becoming more and more public through social media and review sites.  And while it is important to address these complaints, customer experience and marketing expert, Jay Baer challenges you to pay closer attention to PROACTIVE customer service.

You have to stay in front of your customers (and their complaints). Your team most likely knows what customers will, or commonly do, complain about — so why not be proactive in “eliminating” complaints? The result is simple, happy (or happier) customers.

In his article, Why You Need Proactive Customer Service, Jay explains the importance of proactive customer service and the small changes your team can make today to make a difference in your customer’s experience. Shift from reactive to proactive customer service, and you’ll be amazed by the results.

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Leaders Influence Team Performance and Innovation

Successful innovation teams are built by selecting a diverse group who are analytical and creative. These teams are committed and invested in their success.

Imagine that you’ve been asked to lead a new “innovation team” within your organization. You have been asked to build a team that can generate new business ideas— starting from the ground up. Whether or not you know where to start or how to lead your team, innovation expert, Robert Tucker, is here to help! In his recent article, Seven Fundamentals of a Winning Innovation Team, Robert explains seven fundamental strategies that will greatly impact your team’s chances of success.

The distinguishing aspect of leading a special purpose team is that you’re not in control; you can only influence behavior,” Robert said.

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Friday Featured Speaker: Melissa Agnes

Equifax’s new interim CEO has now made a third statement communicating to Stakeholders about their well-known data breech that impacted 143 million people.

Crisis Management Expert, Melissa Agnes addresses the question: “Why does it seem to take organizations multiple attempts at communicating in a crisis before they actually get their communications right?”

Organizations have to respond to a crisis in order to regain control of the situation, and to begin rebuilding and strengthening trust and credibility with key stakeholders. The reason it takes organizations multiple attempts to communicate accurately during a crisis boils down to one factor:  lack of preparation for a crisis ahead of time.

In her video, How To Get Your Crisis Communications Right The First Time, Melissa explains the importance of organizations responding to a crisis in an appropriate, timely manner and shares three things you must do in order to build an invincible brand. The longer organizations take to accurately respond to a crisis, the greater the (financial) impact on the company.

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Marketing Rule #1: Interact With Your Customers

Relevant marketing is key in today’s competitive world. As marketing expert, Jay Baer, said, “Relevancy is a value exchange. Customers and prospects are trading their attention for information.” In his recent article, The Real Reason Most of Your Marketing Fails, Jay explains why you need to take the time to interact with and get to know your customers. By understanding your customers, you are able to create relevant content that grabs their attention.

Invest a few minutes each day to getting to know your customers— whether it be face-to-face, over the phone, or through email, just do it! The more you understand your customers, the better content you will be able produce for marketing.

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Friday Featured Speaker: Interview with Scott Shellstrom

What if you could hire Leonardo da Vinci as your next keynote speaker?

You can! Scott Shellstrom is the modern day da Vinci, and inspires teams everywhere to rediscover their own ability for creativity and innovation.

Creativity is the most important commodity for the success of business today, and a unique solution to problem solving. Scott combines his experiences, stories, improv comedy techniques, and art to inspire teams everywhere to rediscover their own ability for creativity and innovation, as he teaches how to prosper from perspective.

Scott’s presentations will unite and excite your team as they collaborate and support one another using proven techniques of improvisational theater. He ignites productivity and inspires unique solutions to everyday challenges. Our speaker spotlight is on Scott and here is what he said:

What is one “creative tip” that can help someone bring more value to their company and their clients?

Scott: Here’s a favorite of mine: The Costume Change. Next time you are tasked to solve a challenge, rather than asking yourself, “What do I think is the best answer?”, make a costume change.

This approach is similar to Halloween, when you dressed up and assumed the role of a different character. In this exercise, you become a competitor, an expert, a consumer, a child, or even da Vinci. Ask yourself, “How would this individual see and solve the problem?” By applying your magical, childlike creativity, you may find a solution YOU had never thought of prior. Always seek new perspective to achieve innovation. 

We have to ask, how did you become so good at painting?

Scott: Thank you, but all children grow up drawing and coloring. Most of us put our crayons away as we get older. I just never stopped, I kept at it.

We all have that wonderful creative child still inside. Reach down deep, find that fearless innocent youth pick up a paint brush, start writing, learn salsa dancing, join the choir, try out for the play, or learn code which is just like learning to read music. Unleash your inner da Vinci then practice, practice, practice. Relive the fun you had as a child creating, and you will find yourself on your way to greatness. 

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Turn Envy Into Being the Best Version of Yourself

Humans are social animals. We crave feeling supported, valued, and connected. We all also feel envy from time to time, no matter how much we believe we are above it. Envy stems from a very basic desire of wanting what you believe someone else has.

In her recent article, How to Make Envy Work For You, Colette Carlson describes the importance of turning your feelings of envy into ways to become the best version of yourself.

Just a little reminder from Colette… “Concentrating on strengthening your own personal gifts and abilities will make you far happier and more peaceful than getting the biggest promotion and house, or even that ‘ideal’ pant size.”

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Friday Featured Speaker: Steve Gutzler

Steve Gutzler engages audiences everywhere on leadership, emotional intelligence, and personal transformation. In his continuing effort to inspire greatness in individuals and organizations, we are excited to announce the release of his new book, Splash: 10 Remarkable Traits to Build Momentum in Life and Leadership.

Several high points and low points inspired Steve to write Splash and he describes it as a unique expression of the principles and powerful truths he’s discovered in working with extraordinary leaders. His goal is for readers to discover the formula to creating an impact in other people’s lives by initiating a change in their own.

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The “Yes, and…” Principle

Picture this: You are sitting in a brainstorming meeting and your ideas are getting shot down. Unfortunately, your teammates’ suggestions are yielding the same result. How frustrating… what are you to do?

Creativity expert and keynote speaker, Scott Shellstrom, has the answer! In his video, Scott shares the most important rule of improv, the “Yes, and…” Principle, and teaches you how to make big ideas even bigger. Scott learned this rule while studying improv in Chicago and is sharing this technique with professionals everywhere. Using Leonardo da Vinci’s initials, LDV, Scott shows you how to change “No, but…” responses into “Yes, and…” in three simple steps.

How big will your next idea be?

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Friday Featured Speaker: Colette Carlson

Have you ever lost a promotion even though you were qualified? Do some of your co-workers seem to excel in spite of having fewer skills?

In today’s competitive market, you have to show up and speak up to get noticed. In her article, 3 Career Truths to Fly Further Faster, keynote speaker Colette Carlson shares three tips to advance your career. Take note and take your career to the next level!

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